Olga Hajieva

Olga Hajieva has over 8 years experience in education from working in a EFL, ESOL, Pre-school, Primary School in London.

She did her Masters Degree in Teaching TEFL in London Metropolitan University, her dissertation was on Young Learners motivation. She has a happy family with four wonderful kids.

Zoya Fedorova

Zoya Fedorova has had a pedagogical background in Russia, where she studied history in a State University. She continued her studies in London, where she obtained her BA (Hons) in Business Management Course. She has been developing her teaching skills with Olga, during activities in Parent and Toddler group. Zoya has got three wonderful kids and a vast experience of working with children.

About us

Once upon a time, not so long ago in London, lived two girls Olga and Zoya. One day their dream came true and they became mothers. Almost at the same time in 2013 enthusiastic mums found a lovely and friendly Parent and Toddler Group called Mama i Malysh, what means Mother and Baby in Russian language. Currently we do our classes in Central London, Pushkin House on Saturdays. On top of it, after a long journey they found a Forest School Nursery “Mama i Malysh”, that is based in North of London.

When we work with children, our aim is to find the unique personality and develop individual skills of the child in our care. We want to provide the best possible environment for the children to achieve and flourish. We are friendly, honest, caring, and we happy to get our hands dirty (with arts and crafts and messy play)!