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Behavior Management

We believe that it is essential to work together with parents /careers on behavior issues.

There are few ways of working with difficult behavior:

Creating a calm, caring environment where children are treated with respect. We are polite and speak nicely to each other- we say Thank You/Please/Sorry.

Providing structure within this environment where the children can be free to choose and experiment.

Adults will provide a positive model for the children taking into account friendliness, care and courtesy

Physical punishment will not be used or threatened.

Apologizing and comforting children if they have hurt, or help to understand each other’s needs in a social setting. Discuss situations: everything must discussed.

It is important to share toys and involve other children in the games .

We tidy up the toys, when we finish playing and help each other.

When we are outside walking together, we hold on to the straps on the sides of the pram, or to the hand of a teacher.

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