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Uncollected Child Procedure

If a child is not collected within 30 minutes of the agreed collection time and I have not been contacted with an explanation, I will try calling the parents’ contact numbers.

During this time, I will continue to safely look after the child. Continue Reading →

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Safeguarding Children

As a childminder, I am the lead safeguarding practitioner for my setting. Any assistants working for me have a duty to report any concerns to me.

My first responsibility and priority is towards the children in my care. If I have any cause for concern I will report it to the relevant bodies, following the Local Safeguarding Children Board Haringey (LSCB) procedures. LSCB procedures can be found Continue Reading →

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Physical Intervention

Physical intervention is where practitioners use reasonable force to prevent children from injuring themselves or others or damaging property. Providers, including childminders, must keep a record of any occasion where physical intervention is used, and parents and/or carers must be informed on the same day, or as soon as reasonably practicable. Continue Reading →

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Parents Partnerships

Working together we can achieve happy learning experiences for your child. Children learn through play, so our collaboration will ensure their enjoyable times both at home with you and in our home care. Continue Reading →

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Every outing is properly planned and adult ratio is carefully considered.

Special trips to the parks, soft plays, theatres will be done with parental permission. Continue Reading →

In Policy

Lost Child Procedure

I will safely supervise children when we go on outings or trips, and undertake a risk assessment.

I will teach the children about safety when we are out and about and tell them what to do if they do become lost according to their age and stage of development. For example when we get to the park we will talk about where to go if they can’t see me and think that they are lost. I will also teach the children about stranger danger and shouting NO if they feel threatened. Continue Reading →