In Policy

Health and Safety

It is very important for us that your child is in a safe and clean environment. please see the list of procedures in our setting:

  • Smoking is not permitted in my home
  • Children do not have access to the bins and they are emptied every night
  • The toys are cleaned on a regular basis and are safe for your children to use
  • When we are on outing, we make sure small children are strapped to the pram and older children are on the harness or wrist strap
  • We always have First Aid Kit in the premises and take it with us when we are going out.
  • We monitor sleeping babies frequently
  • We cover plug sockets and sharp corners of the furniture, we use gates and make sure that the door is locked to prevent the children opening the door to the strangers.
  • All the Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms are checked and working.
  • We have emergency contact numbers of the parents all the time with us, at home or out.
  • We make sure all the food is handled strictly with hygiene guidelines and prevent food contamination.
  • All the cleaning tools and liquids are kept away from reach of children.

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