Forest School Nursery

Forest and Park are the ideal places to discover and learn through movement for children, which is one of the four foundations through which children can be taught.  Naturally, all of these happen usually outside, this is the main reason why we decided to open Forest School Nursery.
We are based in North London. All our activities are using natural resources and materials, real dough leaves, and sticks that we gather with children during our outdoor time.

We plan activities according to the current season, so we plant in Spring, Play with water and look after the plants in Summer, harvest in autumn, enjoy Winter walks and festive preparations for Christmas and New Year.

Our Daily regime starts at 9.30.

For example:

• 9.30 children arrive. We always plan our outside activities in advance, taking into consideration the weather. For a bad rainy day, we will prepare some seasonal craft activities indoors (library, soft play, farms).
• 9. 45 we are greeting each other and enjoy fingerplays, craft, and musical lesson
• 10.15 we listen to the story with puppets and interactive play.
• 10.30 we have a snack (delicious organic seasonal fruits)
• 10.45 we have a free active play with balls, toys, and natural resources like sticks, trees, etc.
• 12.00-12.30 lunchtime, older kids help with setting up the table.
• 13.00 tidying up time and time for free play with toys books etc. Those kids who have a nap- will go with one of us to do so and listen for a lullaby.
• 13.30 storytime. Interactive play with puppets. Follow-up craft activity with natural resources that we got together with kids from the park/garden during our daily time there.
• 14.00 snack time and getting ready for the walk around the park.
• 15.oo- home time .

Our daycare aims at the provision of a safe and creative atmosphere for the children, the toys and equipment are encouraging kids to use their imagination and learn more. They are mostly uninformative and stimulate natural progression, cognitive abilities suitable for the age of children. Rhythm and repetition are widely used in our activities and they ensure the child’s ability to gasp logical sequence in an everyday regime.

We do not use electronic equipment or toys, we encourage the child to understand and learn about the world around him in a gentle manner.

We have an enclosed garden for the children and Alexandra Palace Park, Highgate Wood, and Coldfall park within easy walking distance of our house. Our home is a smoke-free environment. We have a large number of toys, books, and activities suitable for various age groups from birth to teens.