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Attended with a 4-year-old

My son is quiet active boy and loves nature. In this camp he had a great opportunity to improve his Russian, on top of it enjoyed beautiful Highgate wood, funny games and folk Russian stories told by Zoya and Olga. They are great teaches I have ever met. I am glad for an opportunity to send my son to this creative camp.


Attended with a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old

Лесной лагерь- это волшебная сказка для детей с полным погружением в лес и русскую культуру. Каждый День учителя организовывали индивидуально. Например, когда мои дети были в группе у них были такие темы как «превращение из гусеницы в бабочку», «деревья» – и весь день был построен по принципу раскрытия этой темы. Заботливое отношение к детям и любовь не оставляют равнодушным не одного ребёнка. Мои дети с радостью приходят на занятия и придут ещё.

Нина С.

Attended with a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old

Fantastic group! Very friendly, educational to meet everyone’s needs! Both of my kids love it! Definitely recommend!

Iryna zhuravlyova

Attended with a 30-month-old

My son attended the nursery for about 5 months and really loved it. Not only he loved the forest/outdoor setting, he was really fond of the childminders who took a very good care of him. When he started, he hardly spoke, but towards the end, he could say a lot of things and sing songs in Russian. At the time the education was in Russian only and that was the main reason why I chose this nursery as it was a bit far from us. Despite the travel time, I continued driving him there as I saw a clear progress in speech and general development.
The childminders are very caring providing a safe environment. They listen to your requirements and try to accommodate them. Many times they did me favours by meeting us in the places more convenient to us. I’m sure that every child attending this nursery will be very happy and benefit a lot in many ways.

Ilana Gritskevits

Attended with a 6-month-old and a 3-year-old

Руководители группы Мама и Малыш внесли большой вклад в развитие русской речи и культуры в нашей семье. Спасибо вам.

Ульяна Смит

Thank you

It is very pleasant to work with reliable, responsible and kind people!

Anna Cozadaeva